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HomeLifestyleAsk DerksHow many times can I wear an article of clothing before washing it?

How many times can I wear an article of clothing before washing it?

October 3 2013 | Scott

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Wearing a pair of socks twice certainly isn’t a crime, but don’t listen to the guy who says it’s OK to wear underwear four times (front, front inside-out, backwards, backwards inside-out). So how many times should you wear an article of clothing before washing it? The list below can help any man conquer his laundry woes. Keep in mind, spills and new stains on anything will guarantee a need for a wash or spot cleaning.

Nowadays most people assume that washing after each wear is the standard process for anything, but the fact is washing, drying, and drycleaning (depending on the process) can all damage your garment if not done properly. To help alleviate the confusion, we are breaking down, by garment type, what is acceptable and we provide a few tips along the way.  

 Underwear. Wash after each wear! Unless you’re wearing wool underwear. Main types of use for wool undies are hiking, camping  or back packing abroad. The properties of wool wicker moisture away from the body and do not pick up odor or bacteria as easily as cotton.

Socks.  Wash after each wear, two at most if your in a jam. Same rule applies as before with wool; wool socks will last almost double in life as cotton and odor is not as big of a deal.

Gym clothes.  Wash after each wear, unless of course you’re going for the hobo-chic look.

Jeans. Wash after four to six wears. Some denim advocates will argue you should wash jeans less often (as little as once every six months), so it depends on how denim-hardcore you are. If you natural have a stronger body odor, this is definitely not recommended for you. A solution is Mr.Blacks denim refresh or Mr.Blacks denim wash.

What is Mr.Blacks wash you might ask?

 Mr.Blacks wash is a highly concentrated, unique enzyme-free wash specifically formulated to clean denim. This gentle liquid offers an unsurpassed clean by breaking down and rinsing away dirt whilst maintaining denim. Check out this video below to see what its all about.  

And Mr.Blacks refresh?

It is an all-in-one product designed to clean, refresh and prevent stains from settling in denim. Denim Refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odors in the first place. 

How to use Mr Blacks Garment Essentials from Bodega Deluxe on Vimeo.

Mr.Blacks is available at our Derks Whyte ave location, and we guarantee you will love it. If you are a denim fanatic, this is a must have.

T-shirts. Wash after one or two wears.

Pants, dress shirts, and shorts. Wash after three to four wears, but you may need to iron more than once.

Jackets and blazers. Wash after four to eight wears, depending on their condition and your natural body odor levels. People can get away without cleaning these items by simply steaming the garment, which will release the odor. This process is called French cleaning. If you have a garment that needs to be steamed, bring it down to our Whyte ave location, and we’ll be more then happily to steam your jacket for you. 

Coats. Wash once a season either after use and store till next season or at the begin of the season in the fall. Same rule applies to your spring outerwear.

Shoes. Shoe cleaning really depends on the quality of leather, material type and season. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when taking care of your shoes. Polish, brush, refresh spray (for the times when your shoes smell), and cleaner all need to be used weekly by every man. If you’re looking to get three to five years out of a a pair of shoes, all these methods have to be taken into consideration. Galoshes or slips are the next method used to save your shoes from the winter months. These little rubber covers slip right over your shoes and will guarantee the protection of your favorite shoes, and in some cases, like with Swims, they’ll take your outfit to the next level. 


Swim Galoshes starting at $99 available at Derks Whyte Ave location

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