Sew Cool: 10 steps to sew on a button

Sew Cool: 10 steps to sew on a button


Don’t let your favourite piece of clothing stay out of commission simply because of a missing button. Because at some point, a button will fall off your suit jacket, shirt, or maybe even pants, and it may be last minute, and you most likely won’t have the time to take it to a tailor.  It’s simple anyways, just sew it back on!

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What you’ll need:

  • A needle: Any basic sewing needle will do the trick, but the thinner the needle the easier it will be to slide it through your fabric.
  • Thread: It’s best to use no more than 8” of thread so that you’re arm doesn’t fall off weaving a long yarn up and through your garment. Make sure the thread colour matches that of your garment. If you can’t find a close enough colour, stick to neutrals. You can’t go wrong with Black, Navy, or Grey.
  • The fallen button: It’s crucial that you sew the very same kind of button that fell off, back onto your garment. Most garments will come with a spare button sewn to the inside.
  • A cutting utensil: Scissors or something sharp to cut the excess thread once you’ve successfully reattached your button. 

How to do it:



1)      Thread your needle with the appropriate coloured thread, tying a knot at the very end

2)      Mark the spot where you’ll be sewing and hold the button in place

3)      Bring your needle up through the fabric next to the spot you’ve marked

4)      Continue to thread through one side of the  button

5)      Bring the needle down through the other side of the button and through the fabric next to the spot so that you’ve marked

6)      Now, you must create a thread shank. Push a toothpick between the fabric and button

7)      Bring the needle up and down through the holes of the button and back through the fabric six to seven times

8)      Lift up the button and wrap the thread around the shank in a clockwise manner. Pull the thread tight as you do this, leaving the toothpick in place.

9)      Remove the toothpick

10)  Tie off the thread under the button


Voila! Your piece is as good as new. Remember that fit is important so ask about our awesome tailoring department for any alterations you might need.

Fun Facts:

  • A shank creates a space between the button and the fabric so that an additional layer of fabric can fit easily between them. If a shaft is not created, buttoning becomes difficult and your fabric will pull in all sorts of wrong directions.
  • Thread can always be substituted with floss if you’re in an emergency situation and need something quick. 
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